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Designed as a 24/7 front desk helper to doctors, ANGELA ANGELA is an automated medical receptionist and appointment manager. With her sweet friendly voice, she takes phone calls from patients, engages in natural language dialogue, can search and set up appointments for a patient, and even forward their calls to a clinic emergency contact number or voicemail by request.

In addition to being your medical answering service when you are busy or out of office, ANGELA can also make appointment reminder calls to your patients in their preferred language.

It pays to hire ANGELA because:

  • She can help your patients make appointment while most live agents can not do that for you.
  • At a fraction of the live agent's cost, she is a much more dependable, friendlier and efficient front desk receptionist than live agent answering service. She can handle multiple calls at the same time and will never put your patients on hold. She will dispatch emergency calls without delay or human errors.
  • As a 24/7 backup receptionist, she will only take calls from your patients whenever your staff is busy, away from the front desk or your clinic is closed. She never gets tired, never needs sleep and is better at answering patient calls than live agent medical answering service.
  • Your monthly fee for phone reminder service is equivalent to the cost of ONE no-show; expect her to pay you back easily by slashing your patient no-shows and reverse your revenue loss.
  • She is 100% maintenance free for you. She works 24/7 and does her job with reliability and consistency.
  • ANGELA shares a significant portion of your front desk workload with your staff and thus allows them to focus their valuable time on more important tasks such as patient care and medical billing.

Play this Medical Receptionist and Online Scheduler Demo to see more features of ANGELA that could be useful to your business including:

  • Patient reminders by Telephone, Mobile Text Message, and Email.
  • The system can automatically sync your appointment info with Google Calendar so you can manage your schedule from a handheld device such as iPhone, BlackBerry or Smart-phone.
  • Check your appointments on a cell phone via single-word command SMS or text message.
  • Customized appointment for medical specialty.
  • Shared medical practice (multi-accounts) scheduling.
  • HIPAA compliant, secured patient self-service web appointment
  • Languages support: English, Spanish, French and Chinese.
  • Easy service migration.

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